Peek Freans Launches Its Much-Awaited 'Gluco Kahani Book' At The Karachi Literature Festival

Peek Freans Gluco and famous musician Bilal Maqsood laucnhed their much-awaited book of “Gluco Kahani Rhymes” during a lively and interactive session at the ongoing Karachi Literary Festival.

Along with Bilal Maqsood, the Gluco Kahani platform was developed with the goal of producing children’s rhymes in the Urdu language. The goal was to produce purposeful material under the Peek Freans Brand banner for the benefit of the next generation. Since the initiative’s debut in March 2022, it has amassed an incredible response, garnering over 22 million views, 95 million impressions on YouTube, and over 15 million impressions on Facebook. By using simple rhymes that help in vocabulary development for young children, Gluco Kahani strives to be the vehicle that draws kids to view content in our native language.

“We wanted to demonstrate that eating can be enjoyable, interesting, and memorable. This belief inspired us to embark on a mission to make studying Urdu enjoyable, according to Shahzain Munir, executive director of EBM. In order to encourage the practise of reading in Urdu in a way that both parents and children will like, we decided to turn the rhymes into a book.

For more than 30 years, mothers have trusted Peek Freans Gluco as the first biscuit for their children that offers good nourishment, making it a generational brand. The same stories and rhymes have been published as books so that kids can enjoy our beautiful language while learning about delightful Gluco characters. This is done to maintain a stronger connection with its customers. The stories are intended to let parents interact and have fun with their kids as they learn Urdu counting with Haathi, gallop through the forest with Khargosh, and discover Chirya’s ability to aid others. Each page has a QR code that connects to the online video and content.

Well-known singer Bilal Maqsood, when questioned about the endeavour, said, “This was a dream project for me. I partnered with Peek Freans Gluco of EBM to compose, write, and sing nine original Urdu nursery rhymes for children to play my part in giving our children something to hold on to while growing up – something that’ll keep them connected to their language and cultural values without losing the element of learning with fun.”
The discussion came to a close with the remark that all elements of society must cooperate in order to guarantee the accessibility and appropriate distribution of Urdu content for the sake of our younger generation.