Cricket is not just a sport in Pakistan; it’s a way of life. For Pakistanis, cricket is more than just a sport; it’s an obsession, a source of national pride, and a symbol of unity. The excitement among Pakistanis for upcoming Pakistan vs New Zealand T20I is palpable. This match particularly is a moment of great pride and anticipation because it will be played on Pakistani soil after a long gap of six years.

With the match set to be played in front of a packed stadium in Lahore, the atmosphere is sure to be electric, and the passion of Pakistani cricket fans is sure to be on full display. But for now, Pakistani cricket fans can obsess over the new trophy that was just unveiled by PCB.

Image Source: Twitter

Here is the trophy for all of you to see. It truly is magnificent! PCB unveiled it on Thursday at Gaddafi Stadium. PCB officially showed the trophy off on Twitter after sharing a few pictures of the trophy and the two formidable captains, Babar Azam and Tom Latham. Here, have a look.

The first three T20Is will be held on April 14, 15, and 17. The semi-final and final games will be played on April 20 and 24 at the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium. So both Lahories and the people of Rawalpindi will have a go at all the fun.

Babar Azam told the news that he is very hopeful for the tournament since the team consists of new young bowlers whom New Zealand might get a tough time from. He also said that this series will be important as far as team combinations are concerned. He himself will be opening with Rizwan Khan as usual.

What this tournament has in store for us is unknown but it will surely be fun and thrilling to watch two commendable teams playing against each other. But for now, both teams have their practice sessions every other day at Gaddafi Stadium. With such tough practice, a tough match can be expected.

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