The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) recently found itself embroiled in controversy regarding the use of funds from Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) kitty, which is part of Pakistan’s National treasury.

Reports have surfaced suggesting that the PCB, despite claims of financial independence, received a substantial amount from the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) kitty in the past.

The sum of Rs. 205 million allocated to the PCB from the PSB’s funds for Olympic sports development was reportedly utilized to reward the cricket team for their Champions Trophy success back in 2017.

This action has raised eyebrows, as PCB has always claimed that it has never taken a single penny from the national exchequer, hence is not answerable to the government.

However, the champions’ prize money was seemingly drawn from the PSB’s budget rather than the cricket board’s coffers, leaving questions about equitable allocation and support for other sports.

While PCB officials have always contended that the government doesn’t financially support the cricket board, concerns have been raised over the allocation of funds meant for Olympic sports development being diverted to cricket.

Critics argue that while the Prime Minister, as the patron-in-chief of the PCB, might have the authority to allocate funds for cricket, however, extracting resources earmarked for other sports during events like the South Asian Games is unjust and compromises support for Olympic athletes.

The controversy further unravels as it’s revealed that a significant portion of the PSB’s special grant remained undiverted to Olympic sports, questioning the prioritization of funding in the realm of sports in Pakistan.

These revelations spark a discussion about financial transparency and the equitable distribution of resources within Pakistan’s sports ecosystem, particularly addressing the impact on athletes aspiring to shine in Olympic sports.

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