Aalia Rasheed, the Director of Media at the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), addressed concerns raised during the ICC World Cup 2023 after the PCB released a press release regarding Babar Azam and Inzamam-ul-Haq’s role in team selection.

The aforementioned press release came out amidst criticism following Pakistan’s unexpected loss to Afghanistan.

In a released statement, the board extended support to Captain Babar Azam and Chief Selector Inzamam-ul-Haq, emphasizing that triumphs and setbacks are inherent in the game. The press release also underscored the duo’s autonomy in composing the squad for the ICC World Cup 2023, echoing sentiments expressed by former cricketers.

Source: Cricinfo

Aalia Rasheed clarified the PCB’s position, emphasizing that the board never placed blame on Babar Azam for the team’s losses.

“Let me be clear, the PCB never criticized Babar Azam or the team during the World Cup. There was no attempt to hold Azam accountable for the losses,” Aalia Rasheed clarified in a conversation with a local media outlet. “While Babar is a respected player and possesses an independent nature, it’s crucial to consider recommendations from other selection committee members for a balanced decision-making process.”

Regarding the selection process, Rasheed pointed out that the press release accurately stated that both Inzamam and Azam had chosen the team. “He [Babar Azam] wasn’t willing to compromise on any player, and the board backed his decisions,” Rasheed clarified, affirming the truth in that statement.

Responding to queries about the potential removal of Azam from the team, Rasheed dismissed such suggestions firmly. “Babar is an outstanding player, an all-time great. History has shown that greatness as a player doesn’t always translate into captaincy prowess. Look at legends like Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli,” she added, highlighting instances where top players faced challenges as captains.

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