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In a recent meeting held at the National Cricket Academy in Lahore, PCB Chairman Zaka Ashraf and the management committee unveiled an ambitious plan to rejuvenate Pakistan’s cricket.

The meeting commenced with discussions on Pakistan Men’s Cricket Team’s new three-year financial model for central contracts, a plan that received unanimous endorsement from the committee members. Zaka Ashraf’s dedication and negotiation skills were lauded as they had played a pivotal role in securing the desired outcome.

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One of the key topics on the agenda was addressing the issue of limited international cricket in Pakistan due to hot and humid summers. To overcome this challenge, the committee decided to explore the potential of northern Pakistan as an international cricket venue. Abbottabad Cricket Stadium emerged as a promising candidate.

Abbottabad’s Enchanting Cricket Stadium

Abbottabad is nestled in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Northern Pakistan. It is a city known for its pleasant climate, standing at an elevation of 4,120 feet above sea level. The Abbottabad Cricket Stadium, established by PCB in 2003, was declared a first-class ground in 2010.

What sets this stadium apart is its stunning location amidst towering mountains, offering a picturesque backdrop for cricket enthusiasts. Even cricket legends like Wasim Akram couldn’t help but be captivated by the stadium’s beauty.

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Building on this vision, PCB unveiled plans to construct a new pavilion at Abbottabad Cricket Stadium. Currently accommodating 4,000 spectators, this enhancement will not only facilitate larger crowds but also turn Abbottabad into a sought-after international cricket destination, drawing tourists during the cricket season.

Infrastructure Upgrades Across Pakistan’s Cricket Stadiums

Furthermore, PCB is embarking on a broader infrastructure overhaul. The board is considering the installation of solar panels across all four international stadiums, ensuring sustainability and energy efficiency.

Moreover, plans are underway to install mist fans in the general enclosures of all stadiums, providing relief to fans during scorching summer matches. Moreover, the digital screens in these stadiums will be upgraded to enhance the overall fan experience.

PCB Chairman Zaka Ashraf’s vision is transforming Pakistan cricket. With Abbottabad Cricket Stadium at the forefront of this resurgence. As Pakistan aims to become a hub for international cricket, the board’s commitment to infrastructure development and creating stunning venues like Abbottabad is poised to elevate the country’s cricketing stature on the global stage. With a new financial model, breathtaking venues, and improved facilities, the future of Pakistan cricket looks brighter than ever.

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