The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has made a bold investment by purchasing a multi-storied building near Lahore’s iconic Gaddafi Stadium for PKR 4 billion.

The decision addresses the longstanding challenge of providing accommodation facilities for cricket teams, both domestic and foreign, during matches and training sessions.

Initially, the construction of the multi-storied building faced various hurdles, including security concerns and legal disputes, leading to a halt in the construction process.

However, seizing an opportune moment, the PCB stepped in after the builder encountered obstacles, offering to purchase the building to address the accommodation issue.

Under the leadership of former PCB chief Zaka Ashraf, progress was made on this front, culminating in the recent acquisition of the building for a substantial sum.


Despite the building’s current state as an incomplete apartment complex, the PCB plans to renovate it extensively to transform it into a fully functional hotel.

While the PCB will allocate additional funds for renovations, the investment promises to resolve the major challenge of accommodating cricket teams, eliminating the need for costly stays at local five-star hotels.

Furthermore, the proximity of the new accommodation to Gaddafi Stadium will not only streamline logistical arrangements but also enhance security measures by minimizing road closures leading to the stadium during match days.

Although the National Cricket Academy (NCA) offers quality accommodation facilities, the limited number of rooms often poses challenges in accommodating entire teams together.

To further bolster accommodation infrastructure, the PCB also plans to construct a similar hotel near the National Stadium in Karachi, mirroring the strategic move near Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore.

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