Pakistan's Superhero Is Back In Action

P&G’s Commander Safeguard is a household name in Pakistan. The antibacterial soap’s mascot known as Commander Safeguard is our very own Pakistani superhero and has a huge fan following in the country.

However, the brand has been inactive for a couple of years and the recent crisis caused by coronavirus made a lot of people wonder where commander safeguard was lost?

Various posts, tweets and memes were all over social media asking the Commander on his whereabouts, one such meme had gone viral.

Well, the beloved hero has answered your call and Commander Safeguard is back with a bang in the latest ad!

Source: Facebook

According to the WHO guidelines, the novel Coronavirus can be prevented by washing hands frequently using soap and water. That is what Safeguard Pakistan has shown in its latest campaign.

A snippet from the video shows school children washing their hands with soap and water as instructed by the Commander

Watch Safeguard Pakistan’s Commander Back in Action in this Video Below:

Having a great impact on kids, it is good to see the antibacterial soap brand taking this initiative to provide information on prevention of the Coronavirus through this video.

The campaign has been met with great enthusiasm over social media and has everyone talking about it!

For some, it was nostalgia that took them back to their childhood days!

The Commander was missed by one and all!

Aren’t we glad the Commander answered our call!

Commander Safeguard surely does have a loyal fan club!

We especially love how Team Safeguard Pakistan is ensuring to spread awareness during this time!

Social media is now asking for new Commander Safeguard episodes. We will have to wait and watch if that happens!

Safeguard Pakistan has also released a #StaySafe from Coronavirus short clip to show kids the proper way of washing their hands.

What do you think of Safeguard Pakistan’s latest ad? Let us know in the comments below.

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