Although Pakistan has never had a particularly strong reading culture, recent years have seen significant changes in how we interact with literature thanks to technology. A community of readers and creators who share their love of books in quick, original videos has come together thanks to the trend #BookTok. But BookTok is more than just a lighthearted diversion; it’s also an effective tool for fostering literacy and reading.

The TikTok fad called BookTok is being used by creators to make brief movies promoting books to their fans. It has developed into a global cultural phenomenon that affects readers and fuels book sales. BookTok has a sizable fan base in Pakistan, and its influence on the country’s reading culture is palpable.

Pakistan’s youngest writer Eight books, including two for children, was authored by Maryam Arif, who has approximately 7400 followers on her TikTok account. In her book-related videos, she recommends books to her followers with the hashtag #BookTok. Her films are popular with viewers because they are educational, interesting, and entertaining to watch. Maryam’s hashtag #maryamarif on TikTok has 3.2 million views because of the growing popularity of her videos.

Maryam’s ascent to stardom on BookTok is a prime illustration of how the website is fostering Pakistan’s reading culture. A new generation of readers has emerged as a result of the trend, and they are finding new authors and books via social media. Not only are the films produced by BookTokkers like Maryam entertaining but also informative, introducing readers to new books and genres.

Additionally, BookTok has developed a community of readers who enjoy reading and converse about books. In addition to promoting her own books, Maryam uses her videos to share her enthusiasm for other books and authors, fostering a culture of reading and discovery. By leaving comments on her videos and providing their own recommendations, her followers interact with her as well, fostering a feeling of community on the network.

The influence of BookTok on Pakistan’s reading culture extends beyond social media. Additionally, it has increased book sales and draws in new readers who might not have otherwise discovered these books. Publishers are currently collaborating with BookTokkers to market their works and find new readers. Wider audiences now have easier access to literature, and the increase in book sales is proof of BookTok’s influence. In response to customer demand, the publisher has designated a separate area in their stores (TikTokMadeMeBuyIt) for the popular books on BookTok.

The promotion of reading culture in Pakistan is being greatly aided by BookTok. It has given rise to a new generation of readers who are using social media to find new books and authors. The craze has also given rise to a community of readers who enjoy reading and converse about it. The way people read and exchange books in Pakistan is changing because of a cultural phenomenon called BookTok, which is not just a social media fad.

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