Three Australian children suffer from extreme lead poisoning after applying a local Pakistani kajal brand. All three of the children, belonging to the same family, were taken to the hospital.

Upon further investigation, it was found that the eyeliner contained 84% lead as well as high levels of dangerous metals including arsenic, cadmium, chromium and mercury.

Courtesy: 9news

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NSW Better Regulation Minister, Matt Kean added that there the labels on the packaging clearly read the products contain no such metals, which is false.

“Some of the product packaging even specifically states that no lead is present, which is a total disgrace,”

Courtesy: 9news

Doctors had found that the excessive amount of lead had entered their bloodstream which then prompted the strict action from NSW, leading to the removal of all products from the company off the shelves.

Businesses supplying products that disobey the mandatory standard can be punished with fines of up to $1.1 million.

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Source: 9news

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