Seems like Pakistan’s first 6-star international hotel is all set to launch in Karachi!

In an interview with the Profit, the Pakistan Billionaire Habibullah Khan unveiled his ground-breaking plan of building the first six-star international hotel in the city of lights.

Planning to build a “city within a city” in the middle of one of the busiest financial district of Karachi, Khan revealed:

“We’re going to make a district with four different components. One will be a globally recognized six-star hotel [in Karachi].”

Talking about the venture, Khan added that adjacent to the hotel facilities would be branded apartments.

Giving more insight into the project, he added:

“we’ll have an office tower and a utility (centre). We will make a bypass as well, so we create the condition for traffic to move freely around the project and in the area.”


Plans for the six-star hotel are already underway. His company, Mega Conglomerate is now focusing on the design aspect of the hotel and considering proposals.

As per the reports, two firms in the running so far are Zaha Hadid Architects (renowned British-Iraqi architecture firm) and Louis Vidal of Spain.

Apart from building the first ever six-star international hotel in Karachi, Habibullah Khan is considered to be amongst the top players in dairy after Engro Foods and Nestle.

He also has plans to acquire a financial institution apart from emerging as a key player in the energy sector after his recent acquisition of Hub Power (Hubco).

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