They say that the longer you wait, the sweeter the fruit! Hands down, this saying definitely applies to Karachiites this weekend!

After enthralling Lahore, Multan, and Islamabad; Pakistan’s ultimate food and music extravaganza, Coke Fest 2018 finally hit the City of Lights and created a giant wave of excitement!

The Coke Fest opened its doors to an overwhelming crowd at Beach Park on Friday, 9th March!

From the dazzling red and gold ambiance, pumped-up spectators, numerous stalls to live music from our very own Coke Studio singing sensations- everything was phenomenal!

After rave reviews of Coke Fest’s first day started buzzing on social media, Team Brandsynario could not help visiting the gala the next day and live the event in all its glory!

It was the ultimate gastronomical adventure and we binged on the most ah-may-zing dishes in town!

But it was day 2’s musical performances that blew us away!

The melodious night kickstarted with an unmatchable performance by Quadrum followed by the talented Vahaj Hanif, high-pitch queen Zoe Viccaji, the incredible Sahir Ali Bhagga, and last but not the least, the legendary Pakistani band- Strings!

The Lahore based multi-percussion band Quadrum left the audience in awe!

A huge shoutout to Atif Saeed, Daud Randle, Saad Sarfraz and Umer Saud for their electrifying and energetic performance which had the audience grooving to the beat of the drums!

Just when we thought the night has set a standard sky high, Vahaj took the experience out of this universe!

The vocal maestro not only blew everyone off their feet, his soulful performances had the crowd chanting his name from east to west. The brilliant artist magnificently kept the energy level of the crowd high and hypnotized them with his breathtaking notes.

This boy really knows how to get the party dtarted!! @vahajhanif #cokefest #karachi

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If there is an artist in Pakistan that can hit a high pitch powerful enough to leave the audience gasping, its Zoe Viccaji!

The songstress left no stone unturned to give a powerhouse performance leaving everyone captivated by her voice.

This girl really knows how to lit it up!! @zoeviccajime @cokefest #zoeviccaji

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Then Sahir Ali Bagga’s entry added to the crowd’s excitement!

He is an absolute magician who knows how to win hearts and captivate souls with his baritone voice! Even if you wanted to stop praising the ‘Baazi’ singer, you just cannot. He left the audience craving for more.

However, it was Strings who took over Coke Fest 2018 and cast a nostalgic spell on the audience!

The duo had the perfect formula mapped out in order to make sure everyone got the level of entertainment they had come to enjoy.


The boys lit up the entire venue within seconds, a piece of cake for them that is!

With delectable food, upbeat music, breezy venue and the vibrant decor, Coke Fest has made a statement that Karachiites won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Today, on Day 3, Coca-Cola has something grand in store for you. Not to forget you will have an all-you-can-eat-access to your favorite eateries all in one place!

See you there!