There is no doubt that Garena Free Fire has now taken over Pakistan’s smartphone gaming industry. It has been a wild ride over the Discord servers and Twitch communities in Pakistan since the creators announced a surprise announcement.

The surprise announcement that hyped up the Garena Free Fire community was appointing its new brand ambassadors for the Pakistan region. The community couldn’t resist breaking the news to their own social feeds. Many authentic sources sight that this announcement is a part of Ramzan’s special campaign which includes in-game rewards, wallpaper gifts and many new surprises.

The announcement includes Garena Free Fire collaborating with two of the famous cricketers who are a crowd favorite. Gaming brings people and various communities together, Babar Azam and Shadab Khan join hands with Garena Free Fire to promote esports in Pakistan.

Many Twitch streamers are stunned to hear about the game’s Ramadan special campaign. Babar’s and Shadab’s collaboration is one of the most exciting news for the community but the game itself has introduced a Ramadan-themed in-game experience that is just the tip of the iceberg. According to the creators, they have just announced the majors for the Ramadan campaign, much more is on its way!

For many fans, this may be another exciting adventure as in the past, Garena Free Fire has collaborated with various global superstars including Cristiano Ronaldo, Dj Alok, BTS, Hrithik Roshan, and many more are. But the excitement rages when two of the nation’s biggest stars, Babar Azam and Shadab Khan step onto the stage for Pakistan.

Babar Azam is referred to as the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) in the current multiverse of cricket. Azam is currently the top cricketer in the world with his skills on the field. The community is already hyped up to see the same energy when he joins the Free Fire battleground.

On the other hand, Shadab Khan is young blood for the Pakistani team. Khan may have a major impact on the community as he himself is a part of the innovative Pakistani youth. Khan also led the Pakistan Super League franchise for Islamabad United last season. Shadab Khan can be the powerhouse the community needs right now as he will bring his energetic enthusiasm to the battleground in his own way.

Babar Azam and Shadab Khan will be campaigning along with creators to produce more engaging productions and content for the community here in Pakistan. Initially, Azam and Khan will be making surprise appearances at Garena Free Fire’s upcoming community events.

The general community awaits as they are tuned to experience all the exciting content from this collaboration along with the Ramadan campaign exclusive releases. For insights and updates on the community, the following social platforms should be the first go to. These are the official Garena Free Fire accounts for Pakistan.