Pakistani Twitter had a field day yesterday after Sri Lanka thrashed India in the ICC Champions’ Trophy 2017. Of course, nothing makes the cricket lovers of the nation more ecstatic than seeing their neighboring nation losing a good game of cricket.

Hilarious memes and tweets catapulted on the internet to troll India on the brutal loss. The shocking part is they were not even able to beat the hapless Sri Lankan team at its weakest! Tch Tch too bad!

See the best reactions of Pakistan on blue shirt’s savage loss to the Sri Lanka’s cricket team!

Current Mood!

Mauka Maukaaa!

Kohli & Yuvraj Be Likee…

And Pakistan Go Like…

Can’t nothing, bring us down!


Poor poor India!

This is so on point!

Dil K Armaan Ansoon Mein Beh Gayeee!


Lesson for Blue shirts!

Cause Pakistan Rules!