Tinder stops working
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Amidst the Karachi Rains, something else trended as well. The news that the dating app Tinder stops working in Pakistan was all over Twitter. The dating app allowed people to meet up, date, and some even ended up getting married to their matches.

How it works is people can right swipe on the profiles they like. If the opposite party does the same, well, the conversation begins.

Considering we recently had to undergo a PubG ban and rumors of the TikTok ban never died, Pakistanis jumped to the same conclusion when Tinder stopped working. PTA has not released any official statement as of yet, but Pakistanis were quick with their speculations.

But more than commenting on the rumor, Pakistanis were making fun of the (questionable?) gentry found there. Because we all know Tinder was not being used the way it was supposed to in Pakistan. And that is what is reflected in the tweets.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

1. Arrange Marriage was old school?

I never thought that. The older generation systematically defended against the ‘love marriage’ phase, so arrange Marriage never went out of running. Hence, calling it an old school thing would not be right, would it? But we get what @filmwaali meant. I mean, one more option is gone, good times for Mrs. Khan, I guess.

2. Oops, a direct attack on the married men

Now girl, don’t go on hurting their fragile ego.

So the Twitter user Hafsa, shared an unsaid fact. The married men making fake IDs to fool women. According to her, they would be the most hurt by this news.

3. Almost instantly…

So apparently, some people didn’t even get their chance. Sugarplum hinted at the fact that many didn’t even know Tinder existed until very long. And the moment they got to know about it, well you know how it goes.

4. Now that’s… A good one?

So we are outstanding at the blame game, aren’t we?

Khurram Qureshi decided to put it on PTA officials not getting enough right swipes. Uh… no comments.

Well…We Just Had To

There must be some truth to this. Why else would even men say this? It makes us curious, though, how do you know about this, Danish Kaleem?

Maybe shortly, PTA will have a response. Who knows, perhaps they even got multiple right swipes.

But don’t worry, people. Tinder stops working, and you are affected by it; there is always Bumble. And Ludo Star, well, that is the main ground.

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