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Pakistanis got deep on an Insta thread and we almost can not handle it. What is being rich for you? 

Bob Marley Weighs In

Bob Marley, the musical legend has once posed this question. “Are you rich?” His response is quoted even today where he denied the fact that money makes you rich. He said love, people, memories and relationships make you rich. 

The Insta Thread

Someone on Twitter was going through their “sad boi hours” and though to ask their followers this question:

The Results

The results you ask? They were varied, entertaining, reflective and most importantly, enlightening. Are you ready for a social roller coaster?

The Jokers

There were many who took this question the light-hearted way and gave responses that were amusing. They had a range of funny, pun-intended answers to provide to keep the audience entertained. Here’s that same entertainment for you!

The Philosophers

There were many who made Plato and Aristotle happy. They gave answers that neither gave a yes nor a no. Delving into the psyche of the human mind, they explained whether humans can ever even be rich.

The Honest Ones

Then there were the honest ones who truly spoke from the heart. For them being rich meant to fulfil their wishes to do this and that. They wanted to sustain their households whilst also being able to afford “rationally arguable luxuries”. Is it just us or are people too deep?

Dunya Ne Bohat Ghum Diye

Then came the Devdas who had their sadness to share or perhaps were also going through the sad boi hours. Check out what they have to say who were riding their sadness through the night.

Social Reflections

Amidst all these, there were many who acted as social reflections. They showed what the society has ingrained in their heads as definition of rich. People want to acquire wealth to “show it to people” or to have a big car. 

In the world we live in, especially having survived a pandemic, we can all agree all these markers of success don’t mean anything.

So, What is Being Rich?

There can never be an answer to this question. The question is as old as time though the answers change with each person. It’s because there is no single recipe for acquiring wealth monetarily, socially or culturally. 

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We have even seen that “money does not buy happiness.” Celebrities drowning in wealth have been unhappy and those with no roof over their heads have been the happiest. Penny for your thoughts?

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