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“I used to judge people who signed up on dating apps. Well, up until Lockdown descended and I signed up on Tinder,” said a young adult Pakistani female.

With the Tinder app shutting down in Pakistan, team Brandsynario approached some fellow Pakistanis and asked them how they found Tinder. Were they able to find their significant other or not?

The Tinder Experiences

As it turns out, most of their experiences were weird as hell! One would think, and here I am stereotyping, that women must have had it tough. But interestingly, even men had some really weird experiences to share. We have documented the most interesting ones here.

1. I am me!

In talks with Brandsynario, a Pakistani female shared her experience. She told us that she and her friend signed up on Tinder during the Lockdown. The sole idea was to see how the gentry was. Soon, the friend matched with a guy who was interesting to talk to. The conversation was going well until our interviewee also matched with him. And… here’s the highlight… the same discussion ensued.

They were confused. “Do you talk to every girl the same way?” Interviewee asked.

“No, you are special,” He said.

“But but but… what about my friend?” She asked.

“I am not a robot!”

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2. Don’t You Remember Me?

One of our interviewees mentioned how he matched with a girl who refused to talk to him. Upon inquiry, she replied that she contacted him four years ago on Facebook. He didn’t respond nicely then.

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3. Stalker much?

“I only matched with three people and could get only one to talk,” a male interviewee mentioned.

But the cute interactions of insisting on meeting for lunch/dinner turned to ‘accidentally’ meeting up when his location was turned on.

And things became super weird when she tells him she has a tracker on him and she can slit his wrist and her own.

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4. Too Much Information, Tinder

A female shared the weirdest one yet. So she started talking to this man who had some insecurities. He kept mentioning how he was better than his sister because he did his BBA from London, while the sister was just an artist.

An hour into the conversation, he mentions he is adventurous; he once ‘played with himself’ for 16 hours straight. She hoped he meant PubG had he not further clarified.

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^See what I did there?

5. You are lucky you matched with me

When you are Iron Man, this overconfidence even sounds cool, but when you are not, well, my friend…

So this lucky girl matched with a guy who was gracious enough to forget about her past relationships if she ultimately submitted to him. Fifty shades much?

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These were some of the experiences that people shared with team Brandsynario. If you have something you want to add, let us know, and we will add them to our collection.

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