overrated travel destinations
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Most people save their hard-earned money for months before they’re able to go on the trip of their dreams. Because of that, you need to choose your destinations wisely. 

Spending all that precious money on destinations that are utterly under-whelming or over-rated would be devastating. Here Pakistanis share the most over-rated places they have traveled to so that you don’t!

A Question Worth Asking

A user on Twitter, for reasons unknown, posted this question. Answers started pouring in from several Pakistanis, and the responses are worth nothing.


First up, there was a controversial place in the answers. You must be familiar with the “jinne lahore nai vekheya o jameyai nai.” The beauty of Lahore is two-fold, with the old world crumbling yet still standing with dignity while the hustle-bustle of the vibrant new Lahore builds. Lahore can not be over-rated.

Overrated travel destinations
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New York

New York was a popular answer amongst the people, and just between us, our friends have also said the same. The city is famous for being the backdrop of the majority of Hollywood’s series or movies, but it’s a day to day life is under-whelming. A concrete jungle isn’t everyone’s cup of tea?


London has very few places to offer besides the prestigious Oxford or some scenic locations. Rest pretty much is a bore and not worth your savings.


Yes, your favorite place where the swoon-worthy awards take place is over-rated, according to fellow Pakistanis. The reason being quite amusing, you only see old people there! Cannes’ landscape may be breathtaking, but it does not have something unique to offer. 

 You can find such sights elsewhere too. The city mainly attracts the middle-aged, uber-rich class, so if you don’t fit in that, look elsewhere.


A whole lot of votes for Paris under the thread. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but all that glitters truly is not gold. Unless you especially want to go to a place only for its one structure, then go ahead. However, if you’re that kind of tourist for whom every small thing matters, then steer clear of Paris. 

Overrated travel destinations
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Check Out The Supposedly “Over-rated” Places

All in all, before you choose a destination, do your research. And by research, we don’t only mean the hotels, the activities, etc., look up people’s experiences because they can give you a fuller picture.

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