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Pakistani companies are being exposed for exploiting people and their skills and talents. A thread broke out on Twitter in which such experiences are being shared. Getting to know about such cases may benefit us by making us warier, but hearing about them is unfortunate nonetheless. 

At a time when there are a global recession and a brain-drain in the country, companies’ exploitation is appalling. There will be many who will know that they are being exploited and will turn away; however, some will not. Others might agree to exploitative conditions out of desperation and the need for experience to earn. 

Some Shocking Experiences To Learn From

The thread on Twitter is uncomfortable to go through. The embarrassment, humiliation, and feelings of being taken for granted are terrible to sympathize with, let alone empathize. People have been repeatedly called, interviewed, and coerced into joining companies for no good reason. 

See what some people had to say about their experiences:

Working Experiences In Pakistan

In Pakistan, paid internships are still an alien concept even though internationally, they’re being disregarded. Many educated and learned people are exploited in the name of “experience” in unpaid internships. While these interns pick up the load of everyone and positively contribute to the workplace, they have nothing to gain.

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Something else to notice is also how they’re thrown under the bus by brands always. If you’ve ever seen a brand be called out for plagiarism, their public statement will blame “the interns.” 

For women, the idea of workplaces can be triggering. Workplace harassment is prevalent for several reasons. Firstly because most companies don’t have stringent laws curbing the problem. Secondly, because most workplaces in Pakistan are male-dominated, working in a male-dominated space with men who have patriarchal and misogynistic mindsets is not a small feat. Kudos to all who are making their space one day at a time!

Corporate Exploitation

Corporate exploitation is not new to Pakistan, but it must become a thing of the past if we want qualified people to remain here. Most students looking to choose a University for their degree have a dream of going abroad. Why? Because the job prospects after graduating are insanely amazing. 

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Moreover, even the internships often during the academic period are excellent. Companies understand that you don’t have experience yet but are willing to learn. They pay you suitably and don’t exploit you. However, that is genuinely not to say that only Pakistani companies exploit. It exists everywhere. The only difference is that some countries have strict laws in place to deal with it. 

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