Online qurbani
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Online Qurbani was a method many opted for this Eid to fulfill their religious obligations. Several companies came out with online procedures that demanded fees in return for which you would get sacrificed meat.  However, this method had its fair share of frauds. Read what the people have to say about their experiences:

The Qurbani That Never Reached

The process for getting “online Qurbani,” although was made to seem effortless, spoiled the Eid of many. You select the animal you’d like to pitch in for, you pay for it through online means and are promised to have the meat delivered to your doorstep at the time of your choosing.

Many followed the first two steps, but when it came to the delivery of sacrificed meat, disappointments arose. People either got stale meat, meat that was stinking, or better yet, some did not get anything at all. The same companies then proceeded to switch off the contact numbers they had provided. Which meant they could not be traced and confronted. 

An Ad For Online Qurbani

online qurbani
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Fraud In The Name Of Religion

This has happened with a countless number of people, not just a handful. This, as a result, proves how standard fraudulent practices are in Pakistan. Additionally, it’s worse than any other fraud you can experience or commit. Pitching in for the sacrifice of an animal is not cheap, people use their hard-earned money for it. Moreover, when people commit frauds like this, they rob people of their ability to fulfill their religious obligations.

How apathetic does one have to be to create a scam and profit off of religious obligations?

This, however, still is not as terrible as the other news that was plastered across all news reporting agencies. An old, poor man was given fake money notes amounting to Rs.86000 in exchange for two goats. He spent all his hard-earned money rearing those goats, and when he was finally going to earn money for his sustenance, he was defrauded this way.

May such people be held accountable for their actions, and the next Eid not be spoiled for people through such means.

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