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Image Source: Instagram

When you have talent, you get love and appreciation. Hence, Asim Azhar, the Pakistani singer, gets all the love the more he shows his talent. One of the shows of talents was the song for the Pakistani movie, Superstar; Ghalat Fehmi. In recent news, it even reached 50 million views. While in other events, the OST for an ARY Drama Ishqiya won him an award.

Asim Azhar Wins An Award

One of the major award show, ARY Awards have great significance in the Pakistani entertainment industry. And winning an award there is an excellent badge to have. So Asim, too, wanted to have that badge broadcasted all across social media. That is why he posted a picture with the award on Instagram.

While he was appreciated for his hard work and recognition, some people were confused. The confusion was not related to whether he should have won it or not. Instead, the confusion was about the award trophy. They found the shape of the award weird.

People react to the trophy

Apparently, the award trophy resembled a body part. At first, people thought that they had a dirty mind, so it was just them who were considering the trophy to be vulgar.

Image Source: Instagram
Asim Azhar Image Source: Instagram

But as more people started commenting the same thing, they concluded that it was not their mind but the trophy that was problematic.

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

It does beg the question, though; did the organizers not think of the shape before finalizing the design?

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