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Ah, the dating experience in Pakistan is unlike any other. When you’re not being grilled by the eyes of aunties, you’re the target of the policemen who couldn’t get any bribe that day. It’s out of the pan and into the fire most times folk. 

However, we also know no one is as stubborn as Pakistanis are. In other words, we still find a way to get by and very creatively so as this thread tells us. Check out this thread either to add your own creative date experience or to bag one for yourself!

Creative First Dates

A woman added a thought-provoking question on Twitter which went viral! Have you ever thought about it? Most would be of the belief that ‘creative’ and ‘first date’ does not go well in the same sentence together. Others might be thinking, let us get a partner we like first then we’ll think about it. Rest assured that apna time ayega and until then keep these in mind!

People’s responses came so variedly, that we had to categorise them. 

The Funny Reacts

The Thinkers

Just Wing It Dates

 The Paradox Of The Streets

Our streets are full of paradoxes, we know. But they’re especially befuddling in the context of dating. Many posh eating hubs have an environment that is not overly restrictive and you will see dates there. However, at the same time it just needs the entrance of a family and then begins the stares. So are you just supposed to become carefree then?

Aunties especially stare so unapologetically that you start thinking “maybe she knows me?” It’s also just as true that traffic wardens are likely to stop a couple in a car more than they would stop anyone. Have you ever been kicked out of a restaurant because it was a “family one” while grown men inside continue to gawk over girls? You’d be surprised to know how many have been dealt with this hand of fate.