dhoop kinare
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Dhoop Kinare is one of the most classic dramas Pakistan has ever produced. Its fans still keep it as the ultimate benchmark of incredible cinematography, storyline, and ideas.

What Was Dhoop Kinare About?

Dhoop Kinare traced the relationship between a young doctor and a senior one. It used comedy, pathos as well as suspense to keep its audience gripped. Produced in 1987 by PTV, the show also centers around another hospital team in a hospital in Karachi. Their routine lives, public and private, are both explored. 

dhoop kinare
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Many love the drama till today because of how at that time. The show centers on doctors in a hospital in Karachi and revolves around their routines in public and private spheres. Anji was Zoya’s friend in the drama who had her fair share of fans. Now, all these years later, Anji has been rediscovered by many on Twitter, and they’re elated!

Anji aka Kehkashan Awan

Kehkashan Awan is a management consultant and also a political activist on her Twitter. Someone thought she bore a remarkable resemblance to Anji from Dhoop Kinare, and so they asked. Anji was rediscovered in 2020. All these years later, the woman has not lost an ounce of grace!

 Twitter Reacts

People on Twitter lost it after they found out Kehkashan Awan was after all Anji. This discovery brought back memories of Dhoop Kinare for everyone. The drama has been central in almost every Pakistani’s life, and the rest can say they were forced to watch it. Nonetheless, everyone has watched it.

Many recounted their mothers or wives dragging them to watch the drama; others remember sitting with their grandparents and watching it. Check out what they all said!

 A Benchmark For Dramas 

While Dhoop Kinare was about love, the image that it depicted was one that many cherish even till today. It showed love to be immensely simplistic, no ostentatious shows, no forceful consents. Moreover, the subtle manner in which it explored daily life’s issues was also profound. 

dhoop kinare
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None of that depth or simplicity is witnessed in today’s dramas, which many crave even today. Dhoop Kinare was a progressive drama way ahead of its time. They showed women who wanted to pursue their dream careers; they showed friendship, love without pretense, and life back in the days.

It’s still not too late to binge-watch it; start it today!

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