Careem Super App Reward Points

Karachi, Saturday, July 4, 2020: Careem, the internet platform for the greater Middle East, has received donations worth Rs. 5.9 million by its users through its REWARDS program in Pakistan over a year ending June 30, 2020.

Careem saw an influx of donations across the region where it operates as customers looked to spend their Careem REWARDS points before them expiring. Customers, including influencers and opinion leaders, spread the message to their friends and families for this benevolent act made possible with just a click of a button.

Key Highlights:

  • Customers redeemed over 610,533,375 points amounting to over 180,000 USD (Rs. 30 million) in donations all over the region where Careem operates.
  • Careem Pakistan saw a whopping increase of 2000 percent in the last week, as customers donated their rewards to different charities.
  • In total, more than Rs. 5.9 million were donated in the one year while to charities such as The Citizens Foundation and Shahid Afridi Foundation (Rs. 2,398,803 and  World Wide Fund for Nature (Rs. 3,513,988)

“It brings us great joy to witness that our customers share the same philosophy as Careem when it comes to giving back to society. We are extremely humbled and overwhelmed by this contribution in such trying times. This donation made by customers is the embodiment of our shared vision of simplifying and improving people’s lives”, said Zeeshan Hasib Baig, Chief Executive Officer and Country General Manager, Careem Pakistan, on this achievement.

Careem Rewards are points that a customer earns on every rupee spent on a ride or order, that can be redeemed with numerous features within the application. With the recent launch of its Super App, Careem has expanded its Rewards programs, enabling customers to spend their points on donations, rides, food, shopping, credits, skywards miles, partner services, and entertainment.

As part of the company’s Super App strategy, Careem is determined to innovate its services and build its REWARDS program further by partnering with local and regional service providers as well as charity organizations.


Earlier this year, in collaboration with leading charity partners across Pakistan, Careem also introduced a ‘Donation Button’ providing a platform where customers can digitally donate COVID-19 testing kits to hospitals and items of essential needs to those who have been most impacted by the recent pandemic.


Through this innovation, Careem will lead to a shift in how people think about charity. Technology will act as an enabler, virtually allowing a seamless mechanism for donations.