PC: Scratching canvas and Gastronomic Bong

The whole world knows that we Pakistanis are foodies! We live to eat, and we eat to live. And the one drink we love the most is none other than tea (chai).

Be it someone’s wedding, an office meeting, a dinner at home, or in a restaurant. Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, for us every time and anytime is ‘chai‘ time.


However, recently an interesting debate has taken over social, which has divided tea lovers into two!

Twitter user Ayeshay (@champagne_lassi) asked social media if they were team #ChaiRusk or team #ChaiPakora? Since then, a massive debate has kick-started on the platform!

Some claim that there is no better combination other than #ChaiRusk, while others are determined that there is nothing more blissful than #ChaiPakora!

Chai Rusk vs. Chai Pakora – Social Media Reactions

Here are some of the funniest reactions and what Pakistanis had to say:

Shahrukh Waheed is a team player for both! According to him, there is always a time of the day to enjoy the best of what Chai Rusk and Chai Pakora have to offer!

Whereas Torpedo was clearly with team Chai Pakora in this debate hands-down!

Imran Aziz went all-out to say that he is one of those who just wants a hot cup of tea, nothing more, nothing less!

Whereas Rohan Zaki supported team rusk and declared it an epic combo!

Atiya also couldn’t make up her mind and decided to cast a vote for both sides, after all, both are paired with a deliciously hot cup of tea.

While Karak Cha believes there is no better partner for tea than the famous ‘Bakarkhani’

We second Muhammad Usman on this one as this may even be tougher to answer than all the examinations you’ve ever given multiplied by 3! How can one even answer this?

Asad Khan makes a very valid point here! Samosas are an epic snack to nibble on too!

While Dost Mohammad may have just hit a 6 with his ideal snack combo.

Whether you support team #ChaiRusk or #ChaiPakora, the one thing here which is clearly our constant and is evidently the winner is ‘Chai‘! Be it paired with anything at all, chai is chai and will always be a winner no matter which team you support!

Now that the winters are around the corner, here are a few tea ideas you should try. Pair these with different snacks and let us know which combination proved to be magical for you.

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