hania aamir
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Hania Aamir and her relationship status have been on the news and minds of people for some time now. After literal protests on social media after her breakup with Asim Azhar, now a trend is convincing people she’s engaged. See how the star responded to the rumors!

Where Did It Start?

The trend started of nowhere. Someone just made a joke about it on Twitter, and before you know, it became the number one trend on Twitter. For something to become a number 1 trend, thee tweets under that must be never-ending. Isn’t this a bit shocking and also absurd? We thought people were back to work and schools, guess everyone’s still as free as ever!

hania aamir
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The Star’s Surprising Reaction

Most celebrities get offended by the spread of senseless rumors. They often resort to address them in ways that are unnecessarily rude or arrogant. However, if there’s one good quality that Aamir has, it’s that she takes everything with a pinch of humor.

She says in her video that her notifications were being flooded, and she finally let curiosity win! When she saw what was trending and for whom it was trending, Aamir was beyond amused. In the most humorous of ways, she asked her fans to please relax and dial this down before her mom starts asking her questions.

Twitter Reacts 

As always, Pakistanis did their thing on Twitter with the hilarious memes, questions, and comments. Half the people grieved Hania’s engagement; their chances with her had been struck off (we love big dreamers). Others were confused as to who Hania even is. Then some were chiding their fellows for giving fuel to such a senseless and unnecessary trend.

See the reactions here!

 Jokes Aside, Why The Obsession?

Seriously though, why is our country so obsessed with the relationship status of celebrities? Does it come as a solace for the single ones out there, or does it add excitement to the lives of others? It’s unclear but what is for sure is that not everyone responds the way Hania did. 

Asim Azhar called such people “phupos,” and we think people should finally be accepting this nickname!


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