The food for the soul, traveling is what makes life worthwhile for those who love to explore and visit new places. However, the increasing hassle of visa applications is what ruins most of the drive that travel enthusiasts have for their passion!

Being a Pakistani, the list of countries that can be visited visa-free seems to be getting smaller day by day due to security precautions being taken globally.

Good news for Pakistanis as another country has been added to the list of visa-free countries. 

Can You Guess What Country Is It?

A country in East-Africa, Rwanda known as the land of ‘a thousand hills’. The beautiful country is an untouched piece of land that has been kept away from the public eye for years! 

Rwanda has now announced a global visa-free entry for travelers across the globe starting January 1st, 2018.

The immigration department of Rwanda has announced citizens from all over the world can get 30 days of visa on arrival under the new policy.

Here’s a List of Reasons Why You Must Visit Rwanda:

1. Picturesque Kigali

2. Lake Kivu Resorts

3. Tea Gardens

4. Lakeside Tranquility

5. Beautiful White Sandy Beaches

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