As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads further across the globe, people and organizations need to play their part in combating this together. It becomes more so important to spread awareness and to take preventive measures to stop the further spread of the virus.

One such organization that has really stood out in terms of its role in combating this pandemic is Telenor Pakistan which has always proven itself to be an innovative yet socially responsible organization. This time around, Telenor Pakistan has totally changed the game by introducing a unique way of spreading awareness amongst its huge customer base of 46+ million customers. What they did was simple, bold but extremely thoughtful and effective.

So, What Have They Done?

Since social distancing is probably the best way to stop the further spread of the virus, Telenor has started promoting a message requesting its consumers to “Stay Home” as much as possible to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

And How Did They Do It?

Telenor identified that people rely on their mobile phones even more these days to stay in touch, so it changed the name of its official network bar name to “Stay Home” to constantly remind people of what they need to do for their own safety as well as of those around them.

This is simply brilliant because such a small act could have such a huge impact in fighting this pandemic and this completely altruistic act by Telenor is absolutely commendable as it shows how they have forgone their commercial name to promote a social message.

Telenor users on Twitter are appreciating the commendable move!

However, customers should be informed that this may not be visible on certain devices.  Alongside this, Telenor is actively spreading general awareness around this pandemic to the whole of Pakistan for the general wellbeing of Har Pakistani because Telenor claims that in this hour of need #TelenorSaathHai.

Good job, Telenor!

Gif Source: Imgur

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