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If there’s one thing Pakistanis have locked, it is the art of insulting. This thread on Twitter in which people share the best insults they have heard or created has us rolling on the floor.

Be Careful with “Mazaak”

The thread began when a person made the claim that “hamara mazaak hai?” is the best insult ever. Others also took that cue and started using the insult back on the thread creator. The funniest part has to be when someone enacted a scene out in which the insult was used. Truth be told, we relate!

However, others soon rushed to fix the claim and propose the best ones they had heart.

Choose Your Demons

Which one is the one you have experienced the most? Another person pointed out that “apse pucha hai?” is also just as deadly. Imagine giving your intellectually sound opinion to someone, expecting praise and all you hear is that. Instant need for a hole to dig our graves.

 This is the funniest one reserved for elders and young ones alike.

 Cousins love using this to shut their younger cousins up when the game for the day is being decided. In other moments, we even see elders use this with each other. Isn’t it the funniest when you see your parents getting roasted?


This is a more gutsy one reserved for only the most confident and short-tempered friends.

 This is best used when two friends are in a heated argument and another side with only one of them. Have you said this or heard this?

The List Never Ends

Another hot favourite listed was this one. 

This is a subtle, short, sweet line that has the magical power to drown the other person in regret and embarrassment. A lethal weapon indeed.

Round of applause for the most widely used and the most provoking insult Pakistanis love more than themselves.

If you have ever seen a group of guys fighting, know that it started with one asking the other “tere baap ka hai?” It’s a dream of ours that one day someone asks us this and we get to respond, “haan asal mai hai!”

The “shakal” ones are always rough but we have hardened up having heard this throughout childhood. Come to think of it, our younger days were focused around coming up with the best comebacks and insults. As Shahrukh Khan said, “I feel like THE king of the world” moment would happen when one would work.

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