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When the Pakistani film industry had completely flopped, the drama industry was indeed flourishing. We got to see some great dramas such as Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Khani, and Udaari. But other than those few, most of them are almost similar and it just not attractive anymore. So we decided to ask Pakistanis themselves what they would like to see on their screens. Or rather, what they would like to change about the Pakistani dramas.

We got a lot of responses. While some of them were hilarious, others were thought-provoking. So anyway, let’s have a look at the responses, shall we?

1. The always crying heroine

And don’t we agree? In fact, in any new show that starts, we can tell by just one look who our main character will be because she would just be crying all the time.

2. Love Story

Love story; it turns out that the only problem in the hero and heroine’s life is love. There could be so much more than that. They could be saving the world even. But that will only come when we get out of the cliched love-hate stories.

3. Loyalty

One of the Insta users said the dramas need to understand the concept of loyalty. They explained it by an example. For instance, in the drama Jalan, Meenu committed suicide, and everyone appreciated it, calling her loyal even though it is straight-up cowardice. Rather than killing her, they should have proceeded with the story by raising her from her ashes and making her an admirable character. In a society with an already high ratio of cruelty and injustice, people should not be taught to be “excessively good”; they should be taught to become strong.

4. Multiple love interests

Well, I mean, I wouldn’t say no to multiple love interests in real life, at least, but for the dramas, yes. The story almost always revolves around ‘two women and one man’ or ‘two men and one woman.’

5. But more importantly, logic.

Someone brought up a very interesting point, and honestly, it makes sense. They said they should be employing logic in the storyline. How? Well, you see, if the heroine knows she is being wronged, she should make use of smartphones and record instead of being pushed around. And honestly, this makes the most sense.

We did get to see a very different storyline with Ghisi Piti Mohabbat and now, hopefully with Shehnai but let’s see how our drama industry will progress further.

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