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Have you seen Indian Matchmaking yet? If you have, then you know how horrific the matchmaking culture is in South Asia. Even if you haven’t, we know you have a clue from when you eavesdropped into elders’ conversation!

Pakistanis Get Real About Rishta

The rishta culture is incredibly toxic and bad for mental health. A family goes to meet another family, and then they see whether they want to “accept” or reject.” Most times, the guy’s side goes to see the girl; hence, mostly girls are being denied. Why might you be thinking? Because sometimes height is ‘too small’, ‘skin too dark’, ‘she earns more than the guy’, or ‘she’s confident’!

Rishta culture in Pakistan
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Just like that, someone on Twitter put up a tweet that hurt the sentiments of many while it encouraged others to speak up about their own experiences!

A Call Out Tweet On The Rishta Culture

People Shared Their Horrible Experiences

Point To Ponder Upon

These tweets and experiences of people make us reflect on our culture. The new generation resents the rishta culture, but there is a traditional belief that there is some divinity in it. You will often see aunties justifying their decision by going to various houses and rejecting girls by saying this is all pre-ordained!

Rishta culture in Pakistan
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However, another particular thing that we need to question is the double standard in this entire process. Why are the judging criteria for both the sexes different? Moreover, the manner in which it is varied is also sexist!

Men are presumed to be the breadwinner, which is why their earning matters. A woman is supposed to stay at home; hence, she’s supposed to be well-mannered and refined. As a piece of decoration, you can show off!

Rishta culture in Pakistan
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Matchmaking Lives On

Matchmaking might live on till the end of time. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be made any less toxic. We can choose not to go out looking for women as pristine pieces of decoration you can place in your house. Moreover, men can also not be pressurized for being able to sustain families with their salaries in their early 20s.

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