The global outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has unexpectedly paralyzed economies and has put the world economic system into an unprecedented situation.

As of now (17th March 2020) there have been 212 positive cases in Pakistan so far, however, the tally is still increasing.

The virus has had most of the organizations in the country incubated towards the agility model. More than 60 companies announced work from home for its employees on Tuesday to avoid the spread of this deadly virus.

However, the lists do not mention a single financial institution (bank) as all banks are open to serve as usual.

Recently a Twitter handle was applauded JS Bank for encouraging its customers to bank from home and #JSBankcares and #bankfromhome made it to the top twitter trend!

The fastest-growing bank announced that it urges all its customers to Bank from home and waived all charges on the Internet, Mobile and ATM banking.

In the hour of need where safety and hygiene are of prime importance, JS Bank is encouraging all its customers to socially distance themselves and avoid visiting branches to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

JS Bank communicated the good news through its social media assets. This is something we should learn from and push our organizations to move towards a customer-centric approach rather than an organization-centric approach.