Image Source: Dhaka Tribune

A horrifying and gut-wrenching video of a young boy’s sexual assault is going viral on Twitter. It’s unbelievable, disgusting, and incredibly unfortunate. The boy still has gotten no justice.

A Teenager’s Assault

A teenager (17-18 years old) belonging to Kottli Sattiyan, Islamabad was sexually assaulted by some men. The video shows the boy being manhandled and disgustingly dealt with. The perpetrators are enjoying his misery and also filming it very proudly, ensuring that his face is being shown.

The video clearly shows how these men view themselves as above the law. They show no shame in their activity and in fact, treat the entire situation like a spectacle. The perpetrator also raises himself at one point to properly show the young boy’s condition and state.

The Twitter Posts

The Twitter posts are made by a woman helping the teenager. The video has been posted by her. She notes that an FIR was launched against the men in the video on 11th July, however, no action has been taken until now.

What is even more unfortunate and saddening is that the teenager is an orphan. He himself went to the police station to stand up for himself. However, the police is not cooperating and simply being inefficient as his perpetrators roam loose.

Twitter Support

Hundreds have come forth to tag the relevant police authorities. Moreover, they keep insisting on said authorities to hold these men accountable and provide justice to the teenager. Others are simply disturbed by what they have seen and how common it has become in our society.

Here’s a look at what people are saying:

*Trigger Warning* The Main Tweet

What’s To Blame?

The fact that this teenager decided to seek help is also rare. Most young boys and girls, upon a sexual assault, are so afraid of their perpetrators or the society’s shunning, that they do not report. The fact that he has launched an FIR against them also puts him at the risk of death. His perpetrators can exact revenge on him too.

The commonality of such incidents in Pakistan that mostly go unheard can be a cause of inefficient police. Had the perpetrators in this case been caught immediately, a message would have been sent. Young boys are assaulted in large numbers in Pakistan with many documentaries exposing this harsh reality. Despite this, our focus remains on women’s clothing and their activities. Would it be reasonable to ask whether this boy was fully clothed or not?

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