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We’ve all heard of the term ‘gold-digger’. The term is used for a woman who forms a relationship with a man only for money or gifts. You may have seen content creators make videos ‘exposing’ such people as well. But, Pakistani women have had just about enough, and want men to know they’re capable of buying their own ‘Civic’!

The trend took over social media as girls decided it was high time to raise their voices. These strong and intelligent women want men to realize that not all women want money and luxuries. They do not expect the men to hand them everything on a silver platter.

Many of the social media users have shared that they already own a Civic or another expensive car, earn a decent amount of money on their own and are not golddiggers. The trend started to pick-up in no time as more and more women added to the cause to support the fact that not all women are materialistic.

A flood of memes have also taken over social media, some of them will throw you in fits!

Pakistani Women on Social Media Want Men To Know They Can Buy Their Own ‘Civic’!

Here are some of the best memes:

While social media is enjoying its wittiness and fun, there is a dire need to address a serious concern.

There are many more important topics to discuss on social media and to spread awareness about climate change to women’s rights, from what’s happening in Syria to children dying from malnutrition in interior Sindh.

Dear men, not all women are gold-diggers. They don’t care if you have a Civic, Mehran, or even a cycle as long as you are together on the journey and always stay side by side being loyal to them.

Dear women, men are not your personal piggybanks, so what if he doesn’t have a Civic or any other luxurious car? If he is loyal and takes care of you with all of his heart, he is a real gentleman, a real man by all means.

Its high time we come to realize that materialistic things are only temporary and only last a short number of days. It things like loyalty, love, care, respect, trust, and such sentiments that have no such expiry date.

The real ‘Civic’ both Pakistani men and women should really be concerned about is civic rights and duties towards Pakistan, each other, and the world.

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