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Coronavirus has wreaked havoc in our lives! We are in the middle of a pandemic and locked at home! The use of social media has increased significantly. People have been discussing all kinds of things on the internet. One such discussion was among Pakistani women, where they shared as to what personality traits they are looking for in a guy.

A twitter user from Lahore, Essa Hassan tweeted, “What do you ladies look for in a guy anyway? Other than looks”. Much to our surprise, the tweet caught the attention, and hundreds of women poured in responses.

We are glad to see that people have finally moved on from looks and are interested in traits that matter the most!

Is Nice voice important? We don’t think so! It is a plus point for sure

Maybe, but not all guys are decent and sophisticated

Some guys just need to go shoe shopping. We agree 100%

That is so true. As you grow older, the significance of looks merely dies


While some interests can differ, music taste must be the same 

It is true! You can tell how ambitious one is regarding their goals in life by the way they speak to others

Thank God, it is not dead

Having a personality of his own is so important

We can’t stress enough as to how vital hygiene is! It seriously is not cool to wear used socks

Polite guys are the best 

Toxic masculinity is unbearable 

Nobody likes fake people! 

Much to our surprise, nobody said ‘Money.’ Material things might not be essential but they are a necessity. It is a difficult decision to choose the ‘one.’ Remember, you can’t get all personality traits as you require, so make choices as such that you are ready to give up certain things.

Have something to add? Let us know in the comment section below what personality traits you would like in a guy.

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