This decision was taken by Bee Hall who is on the leadership team at the City University of
Los Angeles, and by Zetha Nobles who has served as the Principal of several private
schools. “Pakistani teachers who are fluent in English understand the structure of the
language and can better serve the needs of our students,” said Nobles.

The pandemic has shaken the education system to its core. Online school classes, where
there is a ratio of 25 students to 1 teacher are not as effective as they seem. There are two
problems with this model. The first problem is that although a 25 to 1 ratio works in a
physical classroom, however, this ratio becomes chaotic to manage during an online class.
The second problem is that students who are falling behind, unfortunately, do not get the
attention they need.

Lincoln Method solves these two problems by offering private online tutors in small class
sizes (of 3 to 5 students), where the tutor is able to identify the weak area of each student
and help the student improve. Saleem Qureshi, Chairman of Lincoln Method said, “We
never give up on a child; that is what makes us special”.

Lincoln Method is an online learning platform that helps students learn with a tutor, either
in small groups or learn one-on-one. The platform is also being used by parents who
want a homeschooling solution. The platform has courses for English, Maths, and Science
as well as a variety of customized programs for K-12.