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A Pakistani doctorate student, Mashael Kamran, at Oxford Brookes University, has been making rounds on social media. Her heartfelt poem titled “Angels” has notably been appreciated. It is dedicated to the healthcare providers who have lost their lives during this ongoing pandemic.

Mashael, who is currently doing a Ph.D. in sustainable future energy and transport needs, spoke to the news and said: “Writing this poem was my way of coping with the circumstances and shedding a little light on what’s going around during this horrifying times.”

“Our doctors and nurses across the globe are constantly risking their lives every day to save hundreds of people, putting patients first always. Some have to make the toughest decisions of their lives, and some suffer a painful death, but they still perform their duty with the same resolve and courage,” she added.

The poet’s mother is a leading figure of the PPP, Senator Seher Kamran. Mashael believes that the frontline medical workers are the real heroes during this ongoing pandemic.

Many doctors have lost their precious lives while fighting this pandemic, including British-Pakistani doctors such as Dr. Habib Zaidi, Dr. Furqan Ali Siddiqui, Dr. Maimoona Rana, and Dr. Nasir Khan.

Here is Mashael Kamran’s poem, called “Angels”. The poem was picked up by Rafael Serrallet, a famous Spanish guitarist:

Those noble hands stopped working

A heart of a savior is now at rest

A death has prevailed, God took away another angel

Days will never be the same

Your selfless body will never walk again

And the tears of grief will take a while to dry

Oh dear angel, but let’s not forget, you are truly alive

As a guardian of humanity, you are an endless light

your spirit sings in the soul of many

So stretch your wings and fly!”

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