coronavirus vaccine
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As the COVID-19 vaccine became available, several people started issues with what could possibly be in it. The question of halal and haram erupted, and so did that of safety.

Should You Be Afraid of What’s In The Vaccine?

A Pakistani netizen took to Twitter to explain why Pakistanis at the least should not be afraid of what is in the vaccine. The hilarious tweets take a dig at what we love the most — food. Nothing defines Pakistanis more than their love for food and their love for ~ dirty ~ food, if we may say so.

Stop Blaming Streetfood Only!

Someone supplemented the tweet mentioned above further and offered a correction. Why should we only blame the street food for bad hygiene and incredibly unhealthy ingredients? At least with them, you can see everything that is wrong. On the other hand, within restaurants, you can seldom see what they’re serving you.

Cue: the donkey meat fiasco that emerged in Pakistan when Pakistan Food Authority rose from the ashes.

You Are NOT What You Eat

This phrase can not apply to Pakistanis. This is because the gol gappay we eat are often located on the roadside stalls where dust, fumes, flies, and everything nice can coat it. If you’ve been to any sweets shop in Old Lahore, men are very excitedly molding sweets or making parathas with sweaty, brown-with-dirt hands.

coronavirus vaccine
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That is all alright because it’s the taste that matters. Doesn’t it? And the taste is always spectacular!

Why Everyone Eligible Must Take Part

All citizens must ensure their country is protected and thrives just as much as it is the country’s responsibility to ensure that. To get out of this nightmare as soon as possible, all those eligible for the vaccine must get themselves injected with it.

coronavirus vaccine
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There is a plethora of material online that informs you about it, its after-effects, and its procedure. What we fail to realize is that we are in the midst of a war, only that it’s not one fought with guns and swords. Those who will get the vaccine are the soldiers on the front line, but we can not desert them.

It is only when a large number of Pakistanis get the vaccine, and its affectability is gauged that we will be able to go back to normalcy. We’re all in this together, but your eligibility entrusts you with a huge responsibility.

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