It is not very often that we come across a 90’s cheap Lollywood film trailer in 2017. Pakistani director, Syed Noor’s ‘Chain Aye Na’ is just that and more. The movie boasts of a huge star-cast and introduces Shahroz Subzwari and Sarish Khan on the silver screen but the trailer has failed to impress!

Syed Noor calls it the ultimate revival of cinema but after watching the trailer for Chain Aye Na, we’re quite sure this is the ‘death’ of Pakistani cinema!

First things first, looks like this was designed by a child on the Paint program. Where are all the professional illustrators?

Shehroz Subzwari literally looks like the lead actress, Sarish Khan’s baby brother. We’re not sure what the director was thinking while casting them as a pair!

Height of fake-ness? Did the blood just fly out of no-where to land on the villain, Adil Murad’s face? This was a major face-palm moment!

Like every 90’s film, Chain Aye Na also has a vamp seen in some pretty cringe-worthy scenes with the badboy, Murad.

Why does the lead actress look like a vamp here?

The movie seems to be a typical one with two guys loving one girl scenario where there’s a good guy and a baddie. The trailer is poorly edited while the shots are random and the film looks like a low budget one.

We wonder why legends such as Mustafa Qureshi and Behroze Subzwari chose to work for this project in the first place. Everything in the trailer looks off, from the acting, forced dancing and the uber-cheap music.

Witness the Horror For Yourself and Try Not to Get Scarred For Life. Watch Chain Aye Na’s Complete Trailer Here.

The tagline for the movie asks viewers to ‘Believe in Miracles’, and we do strongly believe only a miracle will save this movie from becoming a catastrophe now.

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