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Extravagant proposals left, right, and center have made some men insecure. Falak Shabbir’s elaborate proposal and Yasir Hussain’s proposal at an award-show created a lot of hype. The question was raised on Twitter: men, what’s stopping you from proposing like this? And it’s safe to say that the responses are nothing short of hilarious.

Men Get Real

A girl shared a picture of Falak Shabbir on one knee with the fireworks in the background— opulent, right? However, the caption of the photograph triggered the discussion. See all the responses that came under it!

The responses deserve awards!

The Truth Behind The Answers

Previously when we covered the struggles of an MBBS student, we stumbled upon something relevant here. A lot of male MBBS students shared that the reason they were pursuing the robust degree was that the respect earned from it gets you rishtas. 

Imagine having the concept of rishtas so ingrained in your mind that you inevitably choose a degree according to it. That’s, unfortunately, a product of our society today. Many hinted at self-esteem issues by saying they weren’t attractive enough. Or better yet, their significant others were not attractive enough… yikes!

Others laughed about the same old cultural restrictions. The funniest was how the proposal must not only be to the wife but to her dad, her mother, her family! We hear you all. 

The truth is that real life is seldomly like that of such celebrities. Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a 1/10 chance that you’ll be able to propose or get proposed to like that. Moreover, the obsession with the “proposal” is part of a Western culture that the majority of people in Pakistan don’t follow. 

Jump On The Bandwagon

The question “what’s stopping you from becoming like…” is the latest trend on social media platforms. The videos or discussions which become a part of them have a way to make us clutch our stomachs laughing. Recently an Instagram video went viral in which a guy kept bringing carefully curated meals to his girlfriend. The caption was the same as the tweet, and the replies were just as hilarious.

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Love it or hate it, almost everything today is going to become a meme. Sociologists are looking deeper into this phenomenon as the problem of “meme-ification” in our society. 

What’s stopping you? Let us know in the comments below!

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