Rickshaw Jeep
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In the heart of Pakistan, ingenuity knows no bounds. The people of this vibrant nation have a knack for crafting extraordinary solutions from ordinary means. One such tale of creativity comes from Mianwali, where a local mechanic has turned the mundane into the magnificent.

Zahoor Ahmad: The Mechanic With A Vision

Zahoor Ahmad, a resident of Mianwali, has been a mechanic for over 16 years. His hands, stained with grease and oil, have breathed life into a unique creation—a small jeep made entirely from auto-rickshaw parts!

Zahoor Ahmad
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This endeavor was more than simply a hobby for Zahoor; it was a labor of love and a way to get his kids where they needed to go. The little jeep of Mianwali was created as a result of his vision for an automobile that would be easy to transport his family in.

Body Of A Jeep, Heart Of A Auto-Rikshaw

The auto-rickshaw motor at the heart of this jeep is a tribute to the inventiveness of its builder. In addition to providing the car with power, this engine guarantees remarkable fuel economy—more than 30 Km/L on gasoline and an astounding 45 Km/L on LPG.

Jeep Engine
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Driving this jeep feels like cruising in a standard car, but with a twist—the gears operate as they do in a rickshaw, moving forward. It’s a breeze to drive, especially for those accustomed to the quirks of a rickshaw.

According to Zahoor, maintaining this jeep is as straightforward as caring for an auto-rickshaw, ensuring that it remains a practical choice for everyday use!

The Journey Of Zahoor And His Beloved Jeep

With an approximate investment of 4.5 Lac PKR, Zahoor’s concept to completion took 4-5 months. His unwavering commitment to his art is obvious in each and every bolt and weld he has put his blood and sweat in.

Because spare parts are hard to come by in Mianwali, Zahoor had no choice but to commute to other cities such as Rawalpindi and Sargodha to find the precious supplies he was looking for. His dedication to the project led him to travel between places far and wide in pursuit of the ideal parts.

Jeep Interior
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When asked about his intentions, Zahoor expressed a willingness to sell at the right price or even construct similar vehicles for interested buyers. The jeep of Mianwali comfortably seats 6 adults or 8-10 children, making it a versatile option for families.

Despite its humble origins, the jeep boasts speeds of upto 60-80 km/h. Zahoor has re-imagined the traditional rickshaw frame to accommodate four tires, enhancing stability and safety.

The Future & A Call For Support

The innovative mechanic occasionally faces challenges with traffic authorities due to the vehicle’s registration as an auto-rickshaw. Despite these hurdles, Zahoor’s passion remains undeterred. Zahoor dreams of government sponsorship or support to refine his creation, making it better and more affordable for the masses.

The jeep of Mianwali is not just a vehicle; it’s a symbol of Pakistani ingenuity and the potential for innovation in everyday life. It stands as a beacon of hope for aspiring creators and a reminder that with skill and imagination, anything is possible.

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