Pakistani Man Exposes Damaged Bridge That Connects Balochistan & Karachi
Image from a viral video

A video recently appeared on social media platforms highlighting the damaged bridge that connects Balochistan and Karachi.

A concerned civilian recorded the video urging the authorities to take notice of the situation and get the bridge repaired before it breaks down, taking the lives of several innocent travelers.

The bridge and its poor condition

According to the civilian, the pillars of the main bridge connecting Karachi to Balochistan are in deplorable condition, and the bridge can collapse any time.  In a single day, the bridge is used by numerous travelers who are probably unaware of the terrible state of the bridge.

The worried citizen also claimed that if forty to fifty vehicles boarded the bridge simultaneously at any given time, the bridge would fall off. He asserted that whenever such tragedies occur, various organizations rush to help and provide aid to the affectees.

However, this is not a pragmatic solution to the problem, the man suggested. Hence, he urged the authorities to, instead, take notice of the situation beforehand and either reconstruct the bridge or repair its poorly constructed pillars as soon as possible.

In his video, the man also questioned the incompetence and negligence of the authorities towards such issues. Why are such matters always taken into consideration only after substantial damage is done? When will the authorities acknowledge their responsibilities? The man raised numerous questions on behalf of the masses.

Have a look at the video yourself:

Have a look at the condition of the pillars up close:

Pakistani Man Exposes Damaged Bridge That Connects Balochistan & Karachi
Image from a viral video

Although the video is up on social media, our news channels should step in and cover the entire situation in detail, urging the officials to pay heed to the matter and repair the bridge as quickly as possible to avoid considerable damage.

This video is indeed an eye-opener for our authorities, and it’s still not too late for them to employ effective strategies to prevent potential losses.

Who will be answerable?

God forbid, if the bridge collapses, who will be responsible for the damage? Will the authorities acknowledge their incompetency? Even if they do, will they be able to bring back those who would have lost their lives at the hands of these inept officials?

We, hence, urge the authorities to pay heed to the issue and request the citizens to avoid using the bridge until it is repaired.

Do you think that the authorities will take notice of the situation? Will they be able to fix the bridge and save several innocent lives before it’s too late? Or will the efforts of this concerned Pakistani-man go in vain? What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below!

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