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Parking guides in Karachi show up around your car every time you decide to park anywhere. They will bang their hand on your car and motion it into the parking spot, even if you know where you are parking at. You will have a front or a rear camera to guide you into the parking, but they will continue to hound you until you have turned off the car. It makes sense to be a parking guide when there is traffic around and people require help taking their car out to the road.

However, where are is no rush, no traffic, there is no need to hound the driver of the car and then demand money from them because you helped them park. If someone helps you carry your groceries to the car, then you must certainly help them because they have provided you a service with respect. However, unnecessarily hounding a driver into a parking and demanding money for it is not something that is appreciated.

Finally, someone has addressed this issue!

Parking Areas In Karachi

When it comes to the safety of the vehicle, the Parking guides often stand guard. If you know that the parking guide is going to stand guard at your car until you return, then you can pay them as you like. They have earned the money you are giving them because they have safe-guarded your car, they deserve the compensation and respect. However, being a parking guide where one is not required is not something people ought to support.

This way, we are enabling them that they can earn money from our pockets simply because they were standing near the car. Being present in public places and malls makes sense because there is quite a lot of traffic there and people need help with their cars and parking. However, in parking lots where there is no traffic, yet they are still guiding you to the parking spot does not make a lot of sense.

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Should We Endorse Parking Guides?

We should only endorse such parking guides and their work if they are actually doing work. If they are just standing and hounding you, then you do not have to pay them a single penny of your hard-earned money.

Additionally, if the court has instructed that a certain area does not hold a parking fee, then you a right to refuse the fee if a guide asks for it. Additionally, you can also demand a parking receipt for the money you give them.

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