pakistani groom reciting Quran
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Weddings are the biggest day in the lives of many and the way this couple celebrated their own has won many people’s hearts.

Groom Graces The Event

In a recently held wedding function, the groom took everyone’s breath away with his Tilawat of the Quran. He decided to recite it for his wife and his recitation was the kind you hear at Makkah and Madina. 

It was truly something to experience and we can’t imagine how elated the wife must be. The moment was also captured beautifully by Irfan Ahsan who shared it on social media instantly.


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Netizens Shower Their Love

Netizens were over the moon to see this dedication and to hear the groom’s Tilawat. The comments section was flooded with well-wishes for the couples and expressions of how proud and happy people felt.

pakistani groom reciting Quran
Image Source: Instagram
pakistani groom reciting Quran
Image Source: Instagram

Trend-setter Groom?

Generally, elders have always stressed at wedding functions that the best gift a groom can give to his wife is reciting the Quran for her. It appears this groom was the one who paid heed to the advice and now he might be setting trends.

Reciting the Quran at a wedding can grace and bless the function more than anything. It’s a sign that the couple is beginning their life together with the word of Him and that He is not forgotten in the big celebrations.

There Is No Right or Wrong

Irfan Ahsan tends to delete all negative comments on his social media but many expressed their reservations with this. Many believe this should have been done privately. They believe reciting the Holy Book and publicising it like this takes away the sanctity of it.

Others jumped to say that the relationship between a person and Him is to be left between them. Private or public, the groom took an initiative for which he must be appreciated. People express their love in different ways!

Biggest Wedding Trends

Though we are more than inspired and in awe of the Groom’s tilawat, we can’t help but be mesmerised by the decor behind. One of the latest wedding trends is an all-glass decor with huge flower arrangements and chandeliers. Found any inspo for your wedding decor yet?

Moreover, how adorable is it that the couple is blending in their decor? It looks like a harmonious affair of colours and bling. We wish them a very happy and prosperous life ahead!

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