Pakistani Graphic Designers Join the #DontRushChallenge

Image Source/Twitter @UmaieNajeebKhan

Pakistani graphic designers have joined the #DontRushChallenge as the lockdown further extends in the country. The challenge has been taking over the internet by storm for weeks now.

The coronavirus has been spreading across the world; thousands have been affected while many have lost their lives. To contain the virus, governments across the globe have imposed lockdowns.

People have been depressed, caged in their houses. Some have found a way to keep themselves occupied while others have indulged in activities such as the #DontRushChallenge that has been trending.

People across the world have been participating and showcasing their creative side. Whether it is a quick desi makeover or a creative transformation, they are all incredibly fascinating.

Just when we thought we’d seen enough, Pakistani graphic designers entered the game! Leading the video, the creator of Paak Legion, Umair Najeeb Khan. The designers shared self-portraits, each in the artist’s signature drawing style, and we are impressed!

Watch For Yourself! 

16th April 2020:

Here is how it’s done: People appear in front of the screen as if they just got out of bed, and within a sec, a blusher brush covers the screen and boom! We see the same woman dazzling top to bottom, smiling, and passing on the brush to another woman.

Here are a few exciting videos we came across on the internet

Natasha Khalid spotted!

Another fun makeover! 

Here is a desi version of the #DontRushChallenge 

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