Pakistani Girls Share Views On Husbands Having Female Friends

Image Source: Hum TV

When it comes to relationships, there is no one size fits all. Relationships are different for everyone. Both girls and boys have different views on what is acceptable and what is not in a relationship. That also implies the things we go through in a relationship and the preferences we have. However, the bottom line is a trusting and happy relationship, and one must do whatever they can to maintain that.

The Latest Twitter Debate 

In a series of events, a Twitter user posted a question on social media. It reads,

“Girls, will you be okay with your husband having a lot of female friends?”

This question started a debate among many girls who gave their opinion regarding the matter, and we have some exciting answers.

While the majority gave their answers in a simple big ‘NO’ or ‘NEVER,’ some of them had very compelling things to say.

“Girls hi nhi boys Bhi dono ko acha nhi lgta keh opposite gender keh friend ho or yeh achi bat hai.

Another user wrote, “But why he’d need a female friend if I’m with him for a lifetime. Never!” And we see a point in that!

“Nope. My jealous and possessive a** could never allow that”. Because yes, jealousy can be a significant factor when it comes to relationships.

Some of them even mentioned how comfortable they are with their husbands having female friends, and this seems like a breath of fresh air amidst all the tweets full of justifying possessiveness and jealousy.

Males Point Of View 

However, females were not only the ones to respond to the query. Some males also jumped on the bandwagon and gave their POV.

How Much Is Too Much? 

While no one is obligated to change their minds about their choices and principles, it remains questionable as to the cause behind the big NO? Is it because of the lack of trust or mere jealousy and possessiveness? And is it ok to justify your possessiveness? But, then again, isn’t explaining your answer with possessiveness a little too much?

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