rishta stories
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Girls turn 23 and the whole world start freaking out. This has become a brown phenomenon. The most common explanation given is that these girls will soon be older than marriageable age and will become spinsters. Given the batch of boys currently in the market, this doesn’t seem so impossible either. Anyway, to save the girls from a life of a spinster, matchmakers, aunties, mommies, everyone starts looking for rishtas. So we asked some Pakistani girls to shares their most horrifying Rishta stories, and they did.

Here are some of them. Have a look, and let us know if you also agree that this rishta culture is toxic as hell or not.

The bathroom check

A girl shares that once a rishta came for her. Only the boys’ parents visited. They had a good conversation with the girl. Then, mid-conversation, the mother of the boy, requested to go to the washroom. When she returned, she left after 5 minutes. It turns out that they did not like the washing machine in the bathroom.

The washing machine saved her, I guess.

rishta stories
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When age is just a number

Another rishta story was shared by this girl who, to date, laughs at it. She said she was supposed to meet with the rishta people. Now, according to her family values, she cannot meet the guy before the engagement. So she did not expect him to come with the rishta family. When her mother urged her to start talking, she came up with the most appropriate question she could think of. She asked, ‘So what does your son do, uncle?’

It turns out the uncle wasn’t the uncle.

The one who explains

So this one lady said that she was enjoying a family gathering. And out of nowhere, a distant relative came to her mother and complimented her. The aunty said to the girl’s mother, “Your daughter is beautiful. If only she were fairer, I would have sent my son’s proposal.”

Wow, aunty, way to make a girl feel insecure about her appearance!

 When you want to know the Politics

In which house will you not find politics. But I guess people just think that all the politics in a home is due to a daughter-in-law. So this Rishta aunty probably wanted to detect the political environment of the prospective girl’s house. Very proactive. It’s good to think about what effects a new addition might have on your family, but have a better approach, woman! She asked the very girl she was there to see whether there were domestic fights in her family.

Just imagine, the rishta aunty gets the response. Yeah, we have both Trump and Biden in the house.

rishta stories
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There are many more horrifying and weird Rishta stories that girls face. If you want to share, do inbox us!

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