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From time to time, a picture or a video goes to the internet, and for some element within that video, it goes viral. A similar thing happened yesterday when someone posted a video of a bride’s entry. The lavishness broadcasted in that video was blinding. Or it could be the extravagant fireworks present on the scene. Regardless, the video was shared claiming that all girls would want such an entry. But Pakistani girls didnt agree with it.

First, let’s look at the video, shall we?

In the video, we can see that a girl is wearing her wedding dress and someone is holding Quran above her head. She is standing outside a house which is bursting with fire but not in a negative way. Let’s just say, it looks like how we celebrate Shab e Baraat.

People had the best comments for it though.

This Twitter guy said th emost witty thing ever making us literally rolling on floor laughing out loud (roflol). He said this looks less like a bride’s entry and more like an undertaker’s entry, and he ain’t that wrong either.

But since the tweet assumed that all girls want such entries, it was necessary to see how the girls were reacting to it. And well, they made us proud.

Pakistani girls and their Twitter comments

According to them, not all girls want it because by this time the brides are dead tired, not to mention the smoke whch can give even a healthy person an asthma attack.

Some other girls called it extravagant as well. So it is clear that not all girls fall in that stereotype. We are proud of you.

But now, to sum it up, let’s cover the tweet of this guy who thinks he is funny by rolling out that old spider man in Pakistan joke.

But if you want to enjoy your wedding your way without any societal pressures, why not?

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