Shifa hospital
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Unfortunately, in Pakistan, men use society, religion, culture, biology, except their own flaws, to justify harassment. In that very light, let’s talk about the experience of a Pakistani girl who got harassed at Shifa Hospital Islamabad, yesterday.

Shifa Hospital Islamabad

A Pakistani girl takes to Twitter her recent most experience where she got harassed. She says that she went to Shifa Hospital because she was in pain. Horrifying to know, the receptionist disregarded it all. They even did not care much for what men usually say, shalwar qameez being the guard. The girl mentions that she was dressed in shalwar kameez dupatta.

Elaborating on this, she says that they asked for her ID. Considering, she did not have it with her, she opted for soft copy and she wanted to do it through email. However, the receptionist started whining about problems in email; he clearly wanted to get her number. It got confirmed when his partner started winking at him and murmuring, ‘iska number to banta hai.’ (You have got to ask for her number).

Infuriated, she directly went inside and paid the woman at the counter instead of at the reception. There, she finds out from a female staff member that this was a regular thing at the hospital. The burqa-clad female staff members have to go through similar events almost every day.

So what ensued?

Even after reading the entire thread, this Pakistani man had the audacity to quote the Quranic verse about women. What I want to know is, from where did he see the woman at fault?

Interestingly, there were some other men on Twitter, who are clearly robots; they were horrified at this event. These men alongside some other people on Twitter encouraged the girl to reach out to the hospital admin. Seeing this support, she decided to do it. Moreover, she also updated the Twitteratis about it. As a conclusive tweet to thread, she said that she is reaching out to the COO.

Now, the question that remains to ask is how the hospital authorities will react to this complaint; Will she too get unsolicited advice like the one Lahore Motorway rape victim got? Or will the hospital staff actually try to make the environment safer for the patients to feel comfortable coming to get treated?

Anyway, if you are going to the Shifa Hospital administrators, more power to you , girl. All the best. Hopefully, with this courageous step, women will feel safe going to that hospital by themselves.

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