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Love letters, as romantic as they may be, are a thing of the past now. Today you either star the Whatsapp messages, or you save the screenshots. Out with the old, in with the new as they used to say. However, in this fast-paced, dynamic world, often we’re slowed down with love from the past. When a girl from Pakistan shared her parents’ love letters, it was the same case.

What She Shared

@angrycocomo, Famma, shared a picture of a stack of papers that were love letters exchanged by her parents. You can see the papers have turned yellow with time, the writing has blurred out a bit, but the essence is retained in them. With beautifully mastered strokes of Urdu are tales of their love in their youth. Famma shares that they saved all the letters they sent to each other before they got married. And that, “our generation could never.” 

Twitter Couldn’t Handle The Love

Her parents’ love inspired heartwarming reactions. Famma’s friends and strangers all replied under the thread gushing over her parents’ beautiful relationship and memories. Others made fun of the way they currently show love. Some shared their own parents’ experiences with love letters. Check their reactions out!

Why Are Old-School Love Letters Better?

There are still many who are trying to keep the art of letters alive. You’ll find plenty of small businesses on Instagram that offers mailing services and beautiful personalized messages. The beauty of letters remains unsurpassed. Letters last for ages, and the aesthetic quality of old papers yellowed over time is a classic. Moreover, you can’t lose letters. Imagine having a trunk full of letters. They also don’t just have to be between lovers; you can send it to your friends and families!

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Not The First Of Its Kind

Two years ago, in 2018, @sumacy shared something similar on her Twitter. Her parents had a long-distance relationship in their youth. Her mom remained in China while her dad moved to the US, and they kept their love alive with letters. In the pictures, she’s shared stacks and stacks of letters, bound carefully, full of stamps from around the world.

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