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[Update]: University couple that got expelled a few days ago for what the internet deemed inappropriate, eventually got married. The Twitterati who had bashed them earlier started asking the university to re-enroll them in the university. They were doing this because now, according to them, the couple was in line with their specified moral compass.

In recent news, the couple was spotted in another viral clip. They are seen walking hand in hand. Well, actually, it’s Shehryar Rana, walking alongside a girl. But the girl’s arm only is visible. This could be due to the fact that the girl has been labelled negatively quite a lot. And they want to divert the attention from her.

But have a look at this cute university couple:

[March 16th, 2021]: The couple that went viral with the girl proposing a guy on the premises of the University of Lahore had gotten expelled after the public backlash. They had brought in religious and moral values demanding from the university to take action.

It was reported in a local print publication that the couple just got married.

The girl in the video also tweeted Alhamdolillah and the boy replied to the tweet with an emoji. This hints that they actually did get married.

Now, the public is certainly confused because earlier they had demanded the university take action, and now that the couple is married, they are demanding that the university take them back.


[March 15th, 2021]: Various people came forward bashing the couple following the proposal incident. As you may have followed, a Pakistani girl proposed to her boyfriend at the University of Lahore. The clip was all over social media, and people started calling the university out. As a result, the university got the viral couple expelled.

As one can expect, girls would get bashed more than boys even though they were both involved in the same incident; it was a similar case with them. Shehryar Rana, the boy in question, has finally released a statement tackling the criticism.

He requested the public to stop using labels such as ‘characterless’ for the girl, and if they really want to use them, then they should use it for him and not her.

[March 12th, 2021]: In the recent news, a clip went viral on Twitter that showed a Pakistani girl proposing to her boyfriend. The clip got a lot of backlash.

In this clip, the people are at the University of Lahore. And the chances are that they are university students. As cliched proposals go, the man goes down on his knees and proposes with a ring and a bouquet; this one was different. Instead of the boy, it was the girl who went on her knee and proposed.

You can find the video below:

Twitter on fire

People did not appreciate such a thing happening and especially when the couple hugged each other.

They even brought in the issue of the controversial Aurat March slogan, ‘Mera Jism Meri Marzi’. Exploiting this scene they tried to paint the slogan in a bad light implying that when women support the statement, this is what they mean; hugging a man they are not related to.

They also said that these activities are the reason the lines between Muslims and non-Muslims are fading.

University Couple Expelled

When publications started sharing the clip and giving their own comments to it, the University of Lahore tweeted in response. They said that they have taken strict disciplinary action against the couple in the video.

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